Thursday, December 27, 2012


It's been ages since I've posted here!  Sorry, sorry, sorry, friends of NYC Heraldry.  I promise you some exciting new posts in 2013!  Too many blogs, too little time, but I will be back very soon.  Meanwhile, enjoy the going out of 2012 and the coming in of the new year.

Yours in heraldry,


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  2. I'm glad that there's a blog like this for NYC. I'm in the process of designing my own armorial and having some fun. As I have no affiliation with royalty (and as an American, I'm glad about that) or any enterprise that grants me arms, I'll just make my own. In investigating symbols for where I and my ancestors are from, I wonder if Dutch pioneers of New Netherlands used municipal arms for towns. If there were municipal arms, were these used on the personal armorials of the colonists? In fact, I wonder if it was common practice at all to use the symbols for places in one's personal coat-of-arms.