Monday, May 3, 2010

New Heraldic Beast

Greetings and welcome to my revivified NYC Heraldry blog!

I am pleased to share with you a fresh new example of heraldry from a young artist: Brianna Rivera.

Artist: Brianna Rivera

I have dubbed the beast (with apologies for my errors in Latin) Quadropedia Puella Fugens (“four-footed flying girl”). Brianna tells this blogger that the Quad Puella has the wings of a butterfly, humps of a camel, and wings of unicorn. She also has a dolphin’s tale and an extra “stumpy” tail, added for no particular reason.

The feet are those of the dragon, alligator, giraffe, and a bird. The Quad Puella is most likely passant fugens, if there is such a thing.

The colors and patterns, which break the boundaries of heraldic conventions, include gules, azure, rose, argent, purpureus, and or. The field is argent. The rest I leave up to the many experts among us! Feel free to add your descriptions in the comments field or on Facebook – New York City Heraldry page.

I hope you all enjoy this lovely work from Brianna. And look for more updates right here, on a weekly basis.

-- Terrere Nolo Timere Nescio (from the Dering Arms)

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