Friday, July 3, 2009

Liverpool Conundrum - Solved!

Heartfelt thanks to heraldist Luc Duerloo of Antwerp (and, frequently, Connecticut) for emailing the answer to my question of July 2 about the Liverpool arms:

"The arms depicted are not quite those of the city (granted in 1797). They are, in fact, the arms of the Church of England bishopric granted in 1882. The blazon reads: argent, an eagle rising sable, beaked and legged and a glory round the head or, holding in the dexter claw an inkhorn proper; a chief per pale azure and gules, charged on the dexter side with an open book or, inscribed in letters sable 'Thy word is truth' and on the sinister side an ancient ship with three masts, sails furled, also or."

It is fantastic that heraldry professionals and lovers of the art communicate across the globe about intriguing puzzles, discoveries, and mysteries. Luc, thank you for your illuminating information. I know that the visitors to this blog will appreciate your knowledge and interest. Luc is a member of a new group on Facebook, New York City Heraldry. If you would like to join the group, log on and search for the group by name or look for me as the Administrator.

A happy Independence Day to all! Stay tuned for a post about an element of Huguenot art that became a defining symbol of the United States.

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